Cords not working please help

None of the cords in my class work so i made 4 for the drive train that did work. i tried to make more and those ones didn’t work. it is not an issue with the motors or ports on the brain. does anyone know why the cords i am making do not work? i am making sure that the ends are inverted, and that the little teeth in them pinches down on the cord end. i am using a coil of cord from an unopened bag. could it be the cord itself or maybe the ends?

Are you sure the motors or your brain ports aren’t dead?

yes, they work with the cords i made earlier. the red light turns on when i plug those ones in and the motors work properly with my code when i tell them to run. i also tested it on multiple ports so its not a motor or port issue.

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It should be possible to probe the connector pins for continuity using a multimeter.

Having crimped over 10k cords, I’d say

  1. check the crimper… make sure you are using the right jack
  2. i assume you are using official vex ends
  3. see if ALL the wires extend FULLY to BOTH ‘teeth’ that bite into them. a flashlight and magnifying glass help with this.