Corey, TX in China

On a recent visit to China we saw this t-shirt signed by Corey proudly displayed on a classroom wall in No7 Middle School of Dagang District. (Sorry about the loss of the e in the thread title)

Just goes to show how important VEX is.

Anything from Texas should be proudly displayed, :smiley:

Funny you should say that, but 2011 Worlds was in Florida!

That’s awesome that people display these things all around the world! It truly shows what an impact VEX has made and how many nations it has reached.

Yes,the vex is really a international game and vexers from all over the world came to the competition to demonstrate themselves.
By the way, my team is from Shanghai,China.And we got the division finallist in the past world champoinship.That’s really a wonderful experirnce.

It is great to see you here on the Forum! You were a great alliance captain at the World Championship this year. I really thought we had potential to go even further, but it was really cool making it to the Finals in the Math division with you and 2131A. I just want to say thanks for picking us, and for being such cool people. :slight_smile:


Welcome string. Are you the team driver?

Fully agree with Jordan. You guys were awesome. We kept bumping into you in Math Division, and it was always a pleasure. You guys always seemed to have a smile - and no wonder, you had a great robot, driving and tactical awareness. We versed you in the practice match (you beat us easy :smiley: ) and played a qualifying match with you which was really fun. Then we versed you in the final. You were very unlucky to have your alliance partner tip over in the very last qualifying match, otherwise you would have gone unbeaten and qualified first seed.

Go well this season, Paul :slight_smile:

Thank you!
We are really happy to contract an alliance with you.We had seen your videos about programming and skills challenge on youtube.That’s really awesome.And we’re glad to meet to at the competition.You’re really a great and helpful team.Hope to see you this season again!:slight_smile:

Sorry,I’m the programmer.And this is my first time taking part in a vex competition.Thanks for your praise to our team.When we saw your skills chellange in the national championships,it really shocked us. That’s really a pity we didn’t entre into alliance.And at the practice match,it’s really lucky.We are actually nervous and excited and took it seriously.Also,the match against you was the most exciting one throughout the whole competition.You’re really a fantastic team!Hope to see you at the new season!

You do not need to apologise for being the programmer. The programmer is always the smartest person on the team! (Don’t tell your driver I said this. :smiley: )

Cheers, Paul

As the programmer, I totally think this is true. :stuck_out_tongue:

…but if you program and are the driver… hmm :wink:

He might had already seen this…I had told him about the thread… (=゚Д゚=)
Oh noooooo…
(╯°Д°)╯︵ ┻━┻

haha!hahahaha!(In Chinese,we say HaHa instead of 2333333…:D)
Well,if you can be the structer as well…you can register a team of you own!