Cornerstone Power Rankings Available for Toss Up Season

I have resurrected my Power Ranking pages from last year. Thanks to easy access to the data from nallen01 Power Rankings for Toss Up are now available at You can see the power rankings by team or by competition. The page explains what OPR and CCWM mean, so please don’t ask because I’ll just tell you to go read what the page says. I have also added TRSP to all the grids. It came with the data from VexDB, I’m simply presenting it for your information.

I’m working on an updated page for future competitions (like Worlds!) so that you can see all of the data for all the teams attending the competition in one place. I’m running low on free time so it may be next week sometime before this is ready.



This is great! Thanks very much for sharing this.

Now I’m showing my ignorance: what is a TRSP?

TRSP is a proposed alternate way to calculate SPs to better reflect the strength of each teams schedule at a competition. Search for TRSP on these forums and you will find a lot of discussion about it. Basically, the higher the value the better the opponents that a team faced. So, a high ranked team with a high TRSP beat good teams to get there while a high ranked team with a low TRSP may have just had an easy schedule. Conversely, a low ranked team with a high TRSP may be a sleeper team that happened to have a very tough schedule.


TRSP is your opponents’ total win points (in matches other than the ones in which you played against them) minus your allies’ total win points (in matches other than the ones in which you played with them).

Essentially it’s like opponent win% in one-vs-one tournaments, but extended to the two-vs-two format. The idea is to use it as a scouting tool - teams with low TRSP might be higher in the standings than would be expected and teams with high TRSP might be lower. It’s most useful after the qualification matches are over because that’s when it should be most accurate.

Personally I think TRSP should be normalised so that it’s a number between -0.5 and 1, but by convention it isn’t which means a tournament with more rounds will have a higher average TRSP.

Could you share what the ranges for the values of OPR, CCWM, and TRSP are? Thank you.

OPR and CCWM are both measured in points. OPR can be anywhere from 0 to the maximum number of points an alliance can score in a match. CCWM can be anywhere from -MAX to +MAX, where MAX is the maximum number of points an alliance can score in a match.

CCWM will be less than OPR since it measures a team’s contribution to the margin of victory rather than their contribution to their alliance’s score.

The range for TRSP is from -2n(n-1) to +4n(n-1), where n is the number of qualification matches played by each team at the event (TRSP is calculated based on qualification matches only).

Thanks for providing some info on what TRSP means, etc.

I confess, all this statistical jargon has got my head spinning. :o