Corona Virus's play into the Worlds Competition

Soo… Seattle, California, and a Chinese friend got infected

Actually the friend just has the flu, but like, cmon, it’s a joke.

I am hurt… Singapore teams are not providing enough competition for you? :stuck_out_tongue:


While I’m not sure about the others, the large increase in reported cases comes from the fact that a relatively easy-to-use identification tool was just sent to Wuhan, which would naturally cause more cases to be reported.


We just need teams other then the US. Singapore is one of them :joy:

I am actually nervous now. You guys are probably better than us anyway…


My school (in Vietnam) has already pulled school teams out of a few sports tournaments coming up in February. These are mostly competitions where teams travel to places like Singapore or invite other teams from Thailand, Cambodia, or other nearby countries. Our school has even pulled our teams out of local swim meets and things like that even though there are only 2 known cases in our city right now. On top of this, every person who enters our school has their temperature checked to make sure nobody has a fever. Our school is pretty much half empty right now with parents not wanting to send their children to school (which is a little dramatic I think). Just note that it is not the government restricting our teams from travelling, but our school administration making these decisions so other schools will probably be impacted differently.

I’ve heard that the peak of the virus is supposed to be in April for Vietnam. My team is pretty scared that this might mean our school pulls our team out of worlds even though we have already qualified. A lot can happen in 3 months and I hope no teams have to pull out of worlds or anything like that. I agree with what a lot of others have said about people making it a bigger deal than it might actually be. But still make sure to take precautions because it’s definetely not something you should just dismiss.


It doesn’t matter how seriously you or I take it; it matters how seriously VEX and RECF and the associated government agencies of the affected countries take it.
Another prolific STEM organization has rescheduled an event that was planned to take place in China in March.
I haven’t seen anything official from VEX or its associates, but that doesn’t mean they’re not engaged in very intense talks with lots of worldwide agencies.


our activity center in Shanghai has been closed down for 2 weeks due to the virus. That’s kinda big… a lot of time is lost
Edit: and it drives me crazy having done some coding at home and not being able to test it


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They won’t there are 1.4 billion people in CHina as of now there are only 6000 cases. Which is very rare for anyone anywhere in China. Certain airlines still fly from China.


Putting aside issues to do with whether people choose to come or not, or whether it will be a concern such the VEX cancels the comp, or even if a victory for US without Chinese teams is a hollow one or not,…
There is a basic financial issue here for overseas teams: travel insurance will no
longer cover any change in travel due to the coronavirus. That means in the (seemingly more likely every day) event that either the US or our home country shut their borders, flights cancelled, or the competition cancelled, we loose several thousand dollars.
Do we buy the special fares and risk loosing the lot, or the much more expensive But flexible fares which we can change (for another substantial fee) ?
That decision we have to make now.


Every time I go to a competition I live off of 30 minutes to 2 hours of sleep :grimacing:


Hand sanitizer stations, face masks, availability of healthy vitamin rich snacks, shorter lines at practice fields, more relaxed schedule, …

What else could RECF do to decrease levels of stress and boost morale and immune system of the competitors?

BO3 and promise of the water game next year, maybe, :slightly_smiling_face:


Announce new game earlier in the schedule - or great new products! that is a morale booster!


Hmm… so will a WHO global emergency slightly change things now?

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i doubt it. That declaration is only a device to get more aid money to help China. Similar to when the POTUS declares a national emergency. I would still not worry.

image image
January 29th and 30th numbers

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Why did you post that? This is a speculation thread, not a live update one.

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If the situation deteriorates at this rate, there are going to be a lot less teams participating


This may have an impact as well

Delta Air Lines and American Airlines are suspending all flights between the U.S. and China as the coronavirus outbreak spreads. American Airlines says it is suspending flights beginning Friday through March 27. Delta says its suspension will not take effect until Feb. 6 to ensure that customers looking to exit China can do so. Delta’s suspension will last until April 30. Other U.S. carriers have curtailed service to China, while several European airlines have suspended it altogether.