Correcting Scores

At state competition qualifying for worlds in several matches robots ended touching the mobile goals, but not the stacked cones. The event coordinator refused to score the cones even after showing him the rules and the VEX forum clarifications stating that the stacked cones due count. The event coordinator said that they had not counted them and was not going to start now. He mentioned that in local events they do not have to adhere to the rules; yet that decision ended up deciding which team passed on to the finals to compete at worlds.

When one of the teams complains that the rule states otherwise and corrects the event coordinator, does the event coordinator has to comply and order to count them in upcoming matches or can he simply refuse to adhere to the rule and continue judging wrongly every match?

Contact your RECF Regional Support Manager.


Holy cow, another thing wrong with this event? This is insane.

Do this, and if they refuse to do anything, take it higher.