Cortex - 4 motor HS or 6 Turbo

Currently we have Cortex (V4) based 4 motor High Speed chassis drive . As speed is one of the keys this year, we are contemplating switching to 6 motor turbo. Any thoughts/experiences ?


12-motor turbo drive for sure

I’ve used a six high speed motor drive and found that it was perfect for my use case - flags.

four motors were in the back of the drive, geared together and outputting to one axle which was direct to the middle wheel, which was chained to the front and back. The front motor was direct to the front wheel. This provided us with plenty of pushing power while at the same time being reasonably speedy.

E: we used 2.75" omnis for the front and back wheels and 2.75" traction for the middle

If you are considering switching to 6 motor turbo, understand that any amount of friction can cause your drive to burn out. If you are, I recommend trying out the 3.25" omnis.

or even better, 12 motor 49:1 x drive

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Did that setup let you get on the platform easily? How did it do against 4 motor v5 bots?

I haven’t tested it against V5, however with all six wheels on the ground platforming is a little sketchy to say the least. The bot makes it, but just barely. The bot has to tilt a lot in order to make it up the platform, and comes crashing down when it makes it up. In our V5 bot we raised the middle wheels, but we moved them back due to the loss of horizontal traction.

Thanks @meepmeepme . We will plan to go with HS for now … considering the potential friction issues for TS. We are planning to go with 4 HS for our first competition next Saturday. The robot is comfortably able to go up the platforms. But pushing another robot away may be a problem.
Based on our experience, we will plan to use an additional set of HS motors … but that requires a chassis rebuild which takes more effort.


I would definitely go with 6HS - not turbo. 6 turbo will run fine, but if you encounter any defense it could easily stall out. I think you could definitely do it, but 8 turbo is probably a safer bet - but at that point 300rpm with 8 motors is the real power. Just build light, space the motors properly, and learn their limits. You should be outrunning v5 for days.