Cortex 6p cable

I couldn’t find the 6p flat cable that goes between the programming box and the joystick, so I used a standard 6p phone cord. I’m getting an error that robotC failed to verify that the serial link is connected to the robot controller. I’m guessing that the 6pin cord is the culprit.

My question - is there a pinout for the cable? Is it just straight through or are there cris-crosses somewhere? I can’t find a pinout on the forum or on other vex sites. I would like to get wireless to the cortex running. If I can make up a cable (I have connectors and a proper crimper) this could happen quicker.


It’s a standard, straight-through RJ12 cable

hhmmm… Thanks. I’ll have to ohm it out and see if there is an issue. I get confirmation from Windows that something is connected, but it won’t download to the cortex.

Windows can only detect the USB to serial converter box. It has no way of detecting if a controller is connected.

Windows sees the converter box, but when I try to download the software I get the serial link error.

Cable seems to be straight through. I’ll try another computer, but the only other possibility is the converter is bad, unless someone else has an idea.

If this is the older programming cable using the prolific chipset, I’ve often had to roll back the driver to the one we ship with ROBOTC to get this to work with windows 10.

Its this one:

The oblong one currently listed on vexrobotics. @jpearman does this one have the prolific chipset, or are you referring to the more square shaped one?

No, that’s the new adapter, no driver issues that I know of. If you can, try another 6pin cable. I’ve had situations where an “official” orange 6pin cable will not work on certain programming adapters, I assume just some issue with connector or something, never had time to really figure out why.