Cortex and joystick quit connnecting

We are a new team and have been trying to learn the programming phase of the robot. We had the joystick and robot working manually. Then, we downloaded a sample program into the cortex, but it did not work. Now, we can not get the robot to work manually either. We’ve downloaded a firmware update to both the cortex and controller again, but still no luck.

First you need to make sure that both the cortex and the joystick are COMEPLETELY updated to the same firmware, then you may need to pair the joystick and cortex. To do this you take the vexnet keys out of the cortex and joystick, then you need to take the usb cable from your programming cord and plug both ends into the cortex and joystick, then turn both of them on at the same time, both of them should then turn on and the lights on both of them should blink like their trying to connect, after a few seconds the lights on both of them should turn all green, at that point you can turn both of them off, unplug the usb cable from them both, plug the vexnet keys back into both of them, and turn them back on, then they should connect through the vexnet keys. I apologize if I’m not explaining this very well, if this doesn’t work then let me know and I could try and help.

A new cortex has default driving code installed by the factory, this allows teams to drive their robot without having to buy programming software. When a program created in ROBOTC or EasyC is downloaded into the cortex it overwrites the factory program. Firmware update was probably not necessary, but do make sure you have downloaded the ROBOTC firmware before you start programming in ROBOTC.

ROBOTC provides a simulation of the factory driving code as a sample program, select “open sample program” from the file menu then navigate inside the Advanced folder and select the “ROBOTC VEX Cortex Default” program. Make sure you have selected the robot platform to be “Vex 2.0 cortex” first (robot->Platform type menu) as we have ROBOTC set to program VexIQ robots when it is first installed.