Cortex and PWM Pin

Hello Everyone,

Somehow we got a PWM Pin stuck in one of the motor ports on the Cortex. I was wondering how we can take out the Pin.


If pliers or fingers don’t work, try using a vacuum cleaner to remove the pin. If that doesn’t work, you can take the cover off the Cortex and remove it that way.

If the pin extends above the top of the socket then use needle nose pliers. If the pin is flush with the socket or below the surface then it’s going to be real hard to remove. Even with the cover off the cortex, you will not be able to get the pin with pliers. You may be able to use the sharp point of a scalpel to gently lift it. There are other more extreme measures but post back first and describe the situation a bit more to us, is it in the center row or an edge row and which port?