Cortex and Vexcode V5--shows no brain connected

Its me again, a total robotics noob, with another question.

I just connected my cortex brain to my chromebook (hp) that has VexCodeV5 on it (I cannot install it on my desktop computer without admin rights), and the software says that there is no brain connected. I do have two green lights on the cortex brain, which my searches have told me is correct, however my lights are different than the video I saw–I have a fairly steady green ROBOT light and a blinking GAME light, whereas the video I watched had steadty green VEXnet and ROBOT lights. I do also have the battery attached.

I tried to power cycle it by unplugging everything for a few minutes, and it didn’t make a difference.

Any clues as to what is going on and how to fix it?

It seems you have an older “Cortex” processor rather than the new V5 Brain. For reference, this is the Cortex:

Whereas the V5 brain looks like this:

To program the Cortex you will need programming software other than VexCode V5. Some examples are RobotC, EasyC, Robot Mesh Studio, and PROS, depending on the desired programming language.


Great, thank you. Can you recommend any of these softwares over the others? Do all of them have block coding options? I do not know enough about programming to have a strong preference on languages, but I have a very tiny amount of experience with python whereas I have no experience with any of the other ones.

RobotC, EasyC, and Robot Mesh Studio (RMS) each have block options. The block options for RobotC and EasyC are C based, whereas the block option for RMS is python based. Personally, I like RMS, as it allows for students to easily convert their blocks code to text and also comes with a free simulator called mimic. I believe it also has a runtime debugger. On the C side of things, RobotC has most of these features also, but if you aren’t a registered VRC team this it has a license which must be purchased,.


Thank you so much. I am going to go with RMS, I think.

Does it work on chromebooks? nevermind, I answered my own question.

I am playing around with RMS right now. I would really love to be able to use the mimic to test out codes for the clawbot, but it looks like the robots have to be built from scratch to show up on mimic. I had assumed you could select your bot, or just have a generic bot, and then you would be able to run your code to see if it does what you want it to do. Is there a way to import a bot to test codes so that you dont have to build it digitally from scatch?

It’s just available for download now, no team registration required: