Cortex Battery Connection

Hello forum members. I am seeking some technical assistance with the vex cortex. I am a STEM and Robotics teacher in San Diego.

There are small metal prongs that are used to connect to the batteries metal prongs. When the metal prongs get pushed back on the cortex the connection is lost. I attached a pic of the metal prongs (in the pic. the prongs are not pushed back.)

How can tighten the metal prongs so they do not slide back? I am assuming a wire crimper would be used, however how do you access the metal prongs. Currently, I take the cortex apart and push them forward with a small hex wrench. Any ideas would be highly appreciated.

Try hot glue

Use these battery extenders on every cortex, and keep them plugged in to the cortex all the time, and you won’t be wearing out the cortex connector. Since your cortex is already broken, then maybe you won’t have to keep fixing it. The locking tabs on the crimped conectors inside the connector housing are probably bent or broken so they don’t stay in the housing.