Cortex bug? only 1 motor port working

hey, we bought a cortex at the worlds. It worked well for a couple of weeks after we got the software of intelitek. But now only motor port 1 works. Any ideas?

The scientific method usually works pretty well for me, or at least it gives me something to do, so you could try that.

Does the LED blinky pattern match any bad patterns on the Cortex LED chart?
Have you tried a new charged battery?
Have you tried swapping motors?
Have you tried reloading both mastercode and usercode?
Have you tried changing the joystick to motor combination?
Have you tried probing the motor ports with a volt meter?
Did you try leaving it in the refrigerator overnight?
What happened just before ‘now’?
Motor port 1 is a two wire DC motor port, as is port 10.
Did any magic smoke escape from motor port 10, when you did a quick forward to reverse movement?

i figured it out, one motor was faulty and was short circuiting everything