Cortex Connection Problem

HEllo, We are having some connection issues with your Cortex and Joysticks. We have updated the master codes in both and we re-paired both multiple times and even switched out the batteries and we are still having some issues. We get it connected and the Cortex works how we wanted it to but when it gets about 5 feet away it disconnects and wont reconnect until we are right up against it. Another one of our Cortex’s does that as well but the others work just fine even when operating across the room. Has this happened to anyone else? does anyone know what I can do to fix it?

if you have extra vex net keys try them, the vex net keys seem to be picky about when they want to work and when they dont

You need to debug this in a methodical way. You have a working system, you have a system that does not work with 4 different parts (assuming everything is on the same firmware), Cortex, two vexnet keys and a joystick. Swap one item at a time, keeping track of which ones were working, and try and determine which part(s) have an issue. I would start by swapping one of the vexnet keys then the other if there was no change.

Which firmware versions are you using for cortex and joystick?

One other thing, do they communicate when tethered with a usb A-A cable?

If vexnet blinked twice, definitely try new or different key. It worked for me.

One of our robots is also having connection problems. We have a competition tomorrow, and it just stopped working two days ago. It is fine with the orange cable, for I was working on our autonomous yesterday. However, it doesn’t ever maintain connection via VEXnet. It will occasionally connect and have all green lights, but after waiting a while or moving the robot it will disconnect. Then it will start blinking red. Other times it doesn’t connect at all, going through the connection cycle then the red flash and repeating. Help would be greatly appreciated!

Both the controller and the cortex are on the same firmware.

We have ordered 4 VEXnet 2.0 2.4GHz modules. They will arrive today, and we hope that it will fix some of our problems.

Have you tried a new battery. This usually works for us if not throw your cortex against a wall <(don’t do this)