Cortex Default Coding acting weird??

We are teaching Robotics using VEX and so far we have loved it. I am running 10 Vex Programming kits as well as may other parts. So far we have not done any programming with RobotC as we are just starting. We have built the clawbot with different variations, but have not used any sensors as of yet.

My problem…

We are noticing many of the cortex controllers are running two motors at the same time on the same electrical output and we are not sure why.
for example when the clawbot drive motor is pushed, the arm motor goes and both of these motors are wired to different slots on the cortex. Does anyone has suggestions or help? We are in great need.

Maybe we need to reset the cortex back to some default mode, but we are not sure how to. Also again we havent done any programming with Robot C yet so I am not sure why any default coding would have changed.

Any suggestions? Thanks for your time and help!!!


Sorry I meant that more two motors are powering up at the same time but are on different electrical slots on the cortex.

Anone know how to reset default code that originally came with the cortex for a the clawbot?

Sorry for the delayed response. To download Default Code, use a USB A-A cable to connect the Cortex to the computer. Open the VEXnet Firmware Upgrade Utility and make sure the Default Code button is ON then click the Download Default button.
VEXnet Upgrade Utility Default Code Buttons.jpg