Cortex Design Change...

When did the Cortex Microcontroller get redisigned? Did I totally miss something or did this happen recently. Now the VEXnet adapter is placed above on a sort of hump. Some of the pictures have been updated and some not. ( ) The only idea that I have is that it now has better range, or something. Has anyone recieved the redisigned version?


Sorry the pictures are so big, I couldn’t get it to shrink them…

They were redesigned a while ago (>4 months). The redesign is supposed to increase the range by exposing the VEXnet key more. There is another thread on VEX Forum that talks about it more in depth. The teams at my school have both of them, but we haven’t noticed a significant difference between them.

We have 4 of each and cannot determine a significant difference between them.

More info can be found here.

We do not have any of the new CORTEX Microcontrollers. I believe I remember seeing that the Wi-Fi range was supposed to be increased from ~50 feet to ~150 feet. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. Since you are never anywhere near 50 feet away from your robot while running in a match at a competition, it really doesn’t matter much for competition teams.


@ Jordan

You would be correct about the theoretical range increase. (Whether it is true or not I haven’t had a chance to test)

I wonder why they haven’t updated all the pictures yet.

Thanks for the info.