Cortex does not want to work :(


Once more, I need the forums help. The cortex I am using is giving me some problems. When I turn it on, the lights stay red, I thought it was the battery that was dead, but when I changed it, nothing happened. Even when I charged all the batteries. I have tried conecting the cortex to the joystick and computer using the doble USB cable and when I do, the joystick also flashes as if the battery is dead, and the computer does not recognize the cortex, so I cant even try and download the programs or master code. My team mates told me that it was hit by accident while pumping air to the reservoir. But since I was not present during the accident, I dont know if this is the cause of my troubles.

Is it the end for my cortex? Is it fixable?? Should I get a new cortex???

i have 2 cortexs for my team, one of them is exactly the same as the problem you describe …

i have tried everything and i cant fix it, if you find a fix please msg me with it …

Did either of you find this reference and try this?

Cheers Kb

I havent, so i will try it when I get home.

yes i tried this when i first had the problem, but no change

thanks :smiley:

I think I made progress. I turned the cortex on while holding the configuration button, and when I tried to download the master code to the cortex, its asking me for an access code. What should I do?

That’s a new one to me, The Pin should put the Cortex in Boot loader mode and the master F/W should just load, no access code should be required.

I never did see a reference to your programming platform. are you using Easy C or Robot C? and What Version?

There’s also a utility here called The VEXnet Firmware Upgrade Utility :

Which might restore your Cortex from the state it is in.

Keep us informed as too the state of things and we will try to help.

Cheers Kb

Call VEX tech support. There is some type of “code” that can only be programmed by VEX, something to do with the WiFi and making sure every cortex is unique I think.

I am using the latest version of EasyC. I’m gonna call tech support to provide me the codes that I need. Thanks for all the help!

Will do! Do they accept calls in holidays? Im asking since Monday is Presidents day and I dont want to end up in the voice mail to get charged for a long distance call.