cortex download problem!

i am attempting to program my robot using robotc for cortex. everything is in working order(was working fine a few days ago) and i do not believe that it has anything to do with the code,

when i am downloading the download window comes up and says 0% and no green bar moves across.

has this problem occurred before?

we had our cortex working perfectly and now we changed our robot and it does not work

We ran into the same problem last night and found that, for some reason, the download failed when the Competition Switch was plugged in. We had not noticed the problem previously and do not know why it showed up last night. If you are using a Competition Switch to enable/disable he robot when testing, try unplugging it from the joystick before downloading.

i had this problem about 2 weeks ago, our problem is a bit more then that. we tried 2 different computers, 2 different cables, and wireless and direct pickup.

Try the “Resetting the Cortex Module to Factory Settings” on our team Wiki.

This is a known bug , RobotC is going to be releasing an update to at least provide a more descriptive error message.

i reset it to factory settings, does this mean i have to recalibrate my joysticks?
and whic firmware is the proper one?
the one under robotc or master cpu?

We have expereinced this problem (or a very similar one) numerous times this season. The solution has been to reload the firmware into the joystick. There does not appear to be a pattern for why it occurs.

Our typical solution is to reload the RobotC Firmware to the Cortex. Then reload the program. We had the same thing happen with the Pics previously. We have noticed that sometimes, not always!?!, the Competition switch needs to be unplugged.

Hi, I’m a Mentor in Puerto Rico for CAV 2203A & B and JAD 2256A & B. We had the same issue with some Cortex. We had to reload the firmware several time to correct the issue. Mostly to the Micro Cortex and some times to the Joystic remote control. We notice if the Cortex feel any forced motor or any voltage variation, the firmware goes corrupted. At this time we had to reload again. Some times randomly the motor fails to work correct. At this time we had to reload the firmware again. I which a new firmware soon.