cortex duplication for education

We would like to use vex hardware for education. But cortex&control units are really expensive for a large scale perchase.
Is that possible to duplicate the cortex?


Hello dereksc,

Thank you for posting on the VEX forum. If you are not interested in buying the Cortex Microcontroller, the older less expensive version is the PIC Microcontroller V0.5. This microcontroller has been discontinued and is only available while supplies last.

Alternatively, there are many various hobbyist controllers. It is important to note though that these are not designed to work with the VEX system. Do not go down this road unless you really understand the ins and outs of both systems.

If you do decide to purchase Cortex-alternatives please keep in mind that only the cortex is legal in VEX Robotics Competition.

VEX Support