Cortex Era Equipment After Updating To V5

For those who updated to V5 and didn’t take part in the trade in program; what became of your Cortex era equipment?

it just meant more cortexes to be used in our pltw classes.


Same thing here. My club also uses the cortex to go to elementry schools and show off robotics.
And for the endless people who want to be a driver
they get tested on the clawbot


We did about half and half.

The half we didn’t trade in went to our shop/digital electronics class as basically larger arduinos that had powerful motors.
(Although I don’t think that class has ever used them)


Please, consider charitable donation for equipment not in use:


We have a bunch of cortex, motors, batteries, chargers, etc from the legacy vex system. My school would like to donate them to your organization. I will contact you through the website!

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I haven’t heard anything after completing the contact us form on the webpage. Can you help?

We also have quite a bit of stuff we could donate. Is this still an option?

Hi, I have a pipeline to donate both Cortex motors and the 29 controllers to STEM labs. I also have homes for cortex and the controllers. PM/DM me and I’ll give you an address. I pay shipping all you need is a box.

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Yes @Karthik is still helping the charity in Uganda. (well I am pretty sure)


Yes, we’re still collecting old Cortex (or IQ) equipment. We haven’t been able to send volunteers over to Uganda to deliver equipment since right before the pandemic, but we’re hoping to have a group head over this summer!

If you do want to donate, please send me a DM and we can coordinate details!


They must prove their worthiness of the holy V5 joystick.

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