Cortex Firmware - what versions? (unofficial)

Do the Cortex programming systems share the same code?

Is the Joystick code for “Standard IFI”, EasyC and Robot C the same?
What is the most current version?

Is the Master code for the Cortex the same across all platforms?
What is the most current version?

Does the download utility contain the most current IFI code?
If not where can I find it?


(Crossposted because of the holiday)

This is just my experience. We normally use RobotC but I’ve been playing around with Easy C for a simple robot (all with Cortexes).

When I switch back and forth, I always have to reload the Master Code on the Cortex, even though the file name seems the same. I believe the Joysticks will work without changing the Joystick Master code but I’m not 100% positive.