Cortex keeps restarting

So when my cortex runs, into something it disconnects from the controller then later reconnects. Once, it restarted in a middle of an autonomous routine from the impact of the mobile goal. Are there any other ways to prevent the cortex from restarting besides using a 9 volt.

You might have a loose battery connection, in which case you could competition-illegally resolder the connector in the Cortex.

Or your VEXnet connection might be loose; try electrical-taping your VEXnet into the USB port.

It’s probably the battery pins in your cortex, try straightening them out using really small screwdrivers or allen wrenches. The cause may be that you were yanking the battery out of the pins too much.

Try getting a new battery to see if that’ll fix. If it’s resolved with the replaced battery, probably it’s the battery that’s the issue. If the problem still consists, it’s the connector on the COREX probably. If it’s the connector, I’m assuming that the metal piece is pushed back, and pushed back by either brute force or just constantly connecting and disconnecting batteries. You can solve this problem by opening the CORTEX up, pushing the metal piece forward, and gluing it(I’d consider this legal since it is a repair, not an alteration). If there’s still a problem, probably it’s best to get a new CORTEX so you don’t lose your consistency or reliability while in-comp. If you aren’t using a battery extension cable, I highly advise you to buy one so if any battery connection issue happens it’ll be on a 5 buck wire instead of a 200 buck CORTEX.
Hopefully this helps :slight_smile:

  • [TVA] Connor