Cortex LCD Autonomous selection

In RobotC for cortex, is there a way to assemble an autonomous with it? For example, it brings up a screen asking red or blue, then flags or post side then platform or no platform. It would then out those three options together to form 1 program to run. This way it allows us to have fewer screens and have a more versatile alliance.

The girls coded a cortex auton menu system using the examples from Renegade Robotics as their starting point

They used this as a baseline and with it support 4 auton programs (one for each tile) and in the code set a tracking variable for parking ( in each tile program, if park = 1, execute additional code to rotate and drive to platform, if its 0, just end the program). They also have selectable a couple skills programs for selection, and an no auton program, as a backup if something goes completely awry…

They also have adapted this to a driver control menu where they can select i think 5 or 6 screens that show the sensors on the robot and the battery voltage. This way they can check things when driving around on the field. I posted that previously here:

This is the first year we have spent time to generate a fair amount of code and really develop it, but soon all this will need to get converted to V5, so… time for more learning…

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