Cortex Memory Limit?

So after declaring 2 arrays like so:

float mRecordedValuesF[128];
  float mRecordedValuesB[128];

The code won’t compile due to *Severe:Out of memory for dynamic variable allocation.

I know how to fix this, however, what is the actual memory limit on a cortex and how much memory would those 2 arrays take up?

With the solution being move them out of a task and into global

Moving them out of the task and into global will fix it. Based on programs I have written before encountering the memory limit to create mimicry from the robot, I would guess the cortex has about 15 kilobytes of variable storage because I am using just over 12 kilobytes out of it, but if I make the arrays much bigger then I get the same error. Those arrays will use 1024 bytes of storage.