Cortex Microcontroller

I don’t know when Vex will post a CAD model of the new Cortex micro-controller. Does anyone have a model they’d be willing to share? Maybe someone on a college beta test team? I have to do a bunch of VEX drawings, and I don’t have time to make a detailed model of the cortex controller.

It would be nice, as well as high strength chain and sprockets. :smiley:

I do have the Cortex model however I cannot release it without permission from VRI, sorry you’ll have to wait until VRI makes it public.


Guess it is finally up now!
Just look under the cortex product page

Yes, it is! I noticed it a while back and completely forgot to let the VEX community know about it! :o Good thinking on your part, heh.


P.S. It is the newest model of the CORTEX only, not the older one without the small “hump” for the Wi-Fi USB key. Teams like us who have only the older version are pretty much better off using the V.5 PIC Microcontroller CAD model. :stuck_out_tongue: