Cortex not recognized by computer

My cortex microcontroller is not being recognized by my programming laptop. I checked to make sure that I have updated drivers, but cannot connect to the robot in any way, even after putting it in bootload mode. Bootload mode doesn’t seem to work though, because the game light is not flashing green. I’ve used two different USB A-A cables with no result.

With the Ver 3.x Master Code loaded, you should see in the Device Manager, under “Ports (COM & LPT)” Section, “Vex Robotics Comm Port (COM?)”, with the Question Mark representing the actual Com Port Number, mine is “8”…

I believe when in the Download Mode, the Vex Cortex will have entries under the “Human Interface Devices” Section, like it did before the Ver 3.x update.

When I looked in Device Manager, there was only an “Unknown Device” which I knew to be the Cortex (because Windows kept giving me error messages about “USB device not recognized”). There is no Com/LPT ports section, but when I get back to my programming laptop I will check under HIDs.

You need to download drivers for the Cortex (you can find those here: )

It turned out that our laptop was bad, we did a System Restore and everything worked… Somewhat interesting.