Cortex Not Recognized By Computer

Hi everyone,
I’ve been having problems connecting my Cortex to my computer.
I turned off the Cortex, plugged in one side of the USB A-A cable then the other side to the computer, I then heard a notification sound indicating the computer knew there was external device connected to the computer. After that I went to ROBOTC and turned on the cortex, the Robot and Game LED on the Cortex starting blinking in green, I then went to View–Select communication port and found as picture 1 shows, which I think Cortex was not recognized by the computer?
Then I wanted to update the driver but when I started installing it, it just keeps saying “error 1316. the specified account already exists”. However, I think I’ve already had the driver on my computer since I could find that on the control pannel as shown in picture 2.
My computer runs on Windows 10 64-bit if this helps…
Thanks in advance,
Screenshot (22).png
Screenshot (23).png

If you have not already resolved this issue please open a support ticket at so we can assist you.