Cortex not responding to joystick input?

I have an extra cortex that I’m trying to get working for my junior team. However, it doesn’t seem to respond to any joystick input whatsoever.

What I’ve tried:

-I’m using the same joystick as I have used on my working robot/cortex, so the Joystick itself is not the problem.

-I’ve tried it both connected via usb, or over vexnet, connected to the robotc debugger, or disconnected from the debugger.

-I’ve tried both changing the value of a motor, and the value of a variable (ie. making it = a joystick channel), neither has worked.

-Both the joystick and the cortex are up to date on firmware.

-The cortex hardware is version NC2 (the 2 is drawn on in sharpie).

-I can make a motor spin by setting it to a fixed value, just not a joystick channel.

Has anyone had a problem like this before? If so, would anyone have any idea how to fix it? (If anyone needs more information, please ask. I tried to include as much as possible, but doubtless I’ve forgotten something).


Are you using the same code that is one your working robot? If you know the code works on your working robot, that will eliminate the cause being a coding error.


It is definitely not a coding error, I have the same issue using my code, and even RobotC example code.

Simmons 2.0 from 3018 was helping me, and we got to a stage where I tried to update the cortex master firmware using the VEXnet Upgrade Utility. However, once the download finishes, it gives an error message saying “ID Error! Call Tech Support @ 903.453.0802 for a new Access Code”. We thought this could possibly indicate there is a problem with the memory on the cortex?

You need to contact vex like it says. It is a vexnet problem, and you need a new wifi access code. Each time you try to upgrade the firmware, you will get a different code, so you will need to leave your computer on and running when you email them with the code it gives you, so that when they give you the new access code it will work