cortex not talking to laptop

all usb drivers installed, as far as I know…
platform set on automatic
battery and power on…

still getting following error when I try to compile and download
“failed to verify that serial link connected to robot controller…”

I’m using a usb-usb cable to connect laptop to cortex.

very frustrating…

any help appreciated!

Have you updated the firmware using the Firmware Updater Utility?

I think I may have tried to do the firmware update…
Can u tell me how to do this just so that I am sure…?

Which programming environment and version?

What is the laptop OS? (Windows 7 etc.)

Can you see the VEX robotics programming port as a COM device in the device manager?

Turn the cortex power off and attempt to connect.

When you plug the orange cable into the computer do you get a “found new hardware” message from windows?

Reinstall the USB drivers:

try a different comport
try a different USB cable
try a different cortex

Upgrade to EasyC :wink: