Cortex not working

I’ve been having problems with the Cortex microcontroller. Code downloads fine and the vexnet joystick pairs perfectly, but it seems to never execute the code. I uploaded some simple code that sets a motor on full forward, and the motor jumps slightly when the Cortex boots up, but then nothing happens. I’ve tried several different Cortexes and joysticks, and I’m also going to try easyC on my friend’s computer. Do you have any suggestions for troubleshooting?
Thanks for your help.

What version of easyC are you running?

Have you updated your mastercode on both the Joystick and the Cortex?

Are you using an Autonomous project or Joystick?

If you are using the Joystick Project do you have the Joystick on to run your full motor on forward project?

Never mind-I found the problem. This is my first time using easyC, and I incorrectly assumed that it automatically loops.