Cortex Overheating/Overload?

Are robot works fine at the start of a match but after about 30 seconds it stops working, stalls, then moves for like 5 seconds and then stops again. We think are cortex might be overloaded with sensors and overheating is that possible? If so does anyone know the limit of a cortex?

Is this just one set of motors that is stopping working, or all of the motors on your robot?

If it’s only one set of motors (such as drive, lift etc.), this sounds like you are overheating your motors. Try not pushing them as hard (don’t get into pushing battles or accelerate quickly), or gearing them down so that you have more torque.

If this is all of the motors on your robot stopping and coming back simultaneously - this could potentially be a cortex problem, but is more likely to be something like a bad battery connection. If you have a backup battery (which you should do at worlds!), your main battery coming out won’t cause you to drop vexnet connection, but will stop your motors running. You could try unplugging your backup battery on a practice field and seeing whether your connection drops frequently due to a bad 7.2V battery connection.

Good luck!