Cortex placement

Hey, so I’m having some trouble with wiring and it’s gotten bad. I have barely done any wiring on the team and they are not on properly. You guys have any tips? Thank you!

I want to ask: do you have everything plugged into the Cortex? Because it looks like less wires are plugged in than there are motors and sensors. Also, I see sensor wires hanging around the wheel well. That screams horrendous damage in the future to me if the wires are not restrained properly.

@AppleDavidJeans All of the motor are plugged in and I just programmed and plugged them in. The huge issue with it is where the motor controllers should be placed, especially the zip ties i placed. The updated pictures should be much clearer and visable.

RoboSource has amazing products for this, especially their wire loom. I recommend getting the sample pack and trying it out. Its only a $1.