Cortex Ports

Simple question. How should I place the load on the motor ports. Should I put the 4 motor’s for the drive all on a fuse, or should I put 2 motor on fuse 1 and the other 2 on fuse 2. I also will need to add a launcher later. Any ideas?

Hello Michael,

How you wire your robot is dependent on the sorts of loads you expect your motor to experience. Since the 4 motors in question are in a drive train, it is reasonable to expect the motors to see fairly high loads. It would be wise to split the motors between the two fuses (that is, put 2 motors in ports 2-5 and 2 motors in ports 6-9). Your launcher motors could be split between the two fuses, and if you experience problems can always be moved to a VEX Power Expander.