Cortex Power Supply

I’d like to set up a demo robot in a display case and I would prefer not to use batteries to keep it running. Can anyone recommend a power supply that I can use to power the Cortex?

Something like this?

It’s 7.5vdc but only 1 amp. Not sure what exactly you are running or if you might need something more powerful. You will though have to solder a battery connector onto any power supply.

Thanks Kevin

I also found this: Wall Adapter Power Supply - 9V DC 650mA .
The specs on the Cortex say 7.2 volts nominal, 5 to 12 volts min/max with 150mA for Controller & Receiver plus Motors, Servos & VEXnet.

I found the plug here: 7.2V Connector Tamiya Type Set but I hope I can by that at a local hobby store.

I would hate to harm a Cortex so if any EE’s don’t agree with my findings then let me know. :slight_smile:

Without motor a 1A power supply should be ok. If you have motors then you will need much more, remember a motor will draw >4A briefly when starting.

Others have recommended this type of unit in the past.

Old PC power supplies can be hacked to make lovely high current 5V and 12V power supplies. The 5V is a bit on the low side for this purpose, and the 12V a bit on the high side… but the price is right.