Cortex Repair?

Is it possible and legal to repair a integrated motor controller circuit on a cortex. Like on ports 1+10. The Fairchild FDS4935BZ Dual 30 Volt P-Channel PowerTrench MOSFET fails on the cortex quite often in my experience. I have several that have burned up.

Repairing something on the inside would not be competition legal. You can however contact VEX to send it back to see if they can repair it.

I just want to ask, why would that not be competition legal? If you used the exact same component, there would be no difference. That happened to one of our cortexes, but I’m not asking because of that; there’s no hope for that cortex anymore since the component melted through the circuit board.

Specifically, competition rule from Nothing But Net (probably every other game too, but I have not researched this) <R15> says you may not.

Permissible repairs are spelled out in i., ii., and iii.

No modifying of electrical components is allowed except for fixing the cables (and limit switches). While being allowed to fix electronics would have an advantage for honest competitors that know what they’re doing, the risk of doing an improper repair or the rule being abused would probably be much too large. For example, how would anyone ever find out if a PTC is “repaired” with one that has a higher rating.

Yeah, we were discussing this in the car on the way to a build today, and honestly I don’t know. I would hope that teams would not abuse that, but unfortunately, there are some that would.