Cortex/senors/proggraming help URGENT!

Hi ! … from talks on facebook with ian, i think it is vexnet connection, but he is having problems with it on a-a… and yes i think he does …

Hey, no neither of those ports are used. The tray and drive work fine but when we attempt to lift the lift at a certain point it all cuts out and the robot stops working. We then have no vex net connection. It was also struggling to connect using an orange cable this evening



It seems like there might be a short when the arm extends

Can you isolate the cables going to sensors on the arm and unplug just those to see if the problem persists?

If that removes the problem you should try putting them back one by one and see if you can re-create the problem, If you can identify the problem cable you should replace it.

Cheers Kb

Okay, I will do tomorrow. If its not the sensor should I do the same for the lift motors?

correct! Good Luck. Kb

Put the encoders in digital ports 1/2, 3/4, and 5/6 instead of 11/12 because digital ports 11 and 12 do not support optical quad encoders. And put 2 of your bumper switches in digital ports 7 and 8, and keep the other two in the analog ports 1 and 2. (ports 9, 10, 11 and 12 are for digital output functions only, such as pneumatics).

Try this configuration and I am sure that it would work.

Sorry, this is incorrect.

The Default EasyC configuration has ports 9~12 set as outputs, you can easily change this in the configuration dialog and use any port as an input or output.

There are no restrictions as to which pair of digital ports are used in EasyC (assumeing the configuration has been changed), in ROBOTC they do need to be consecutive.