cortex stuck in game mode

how do i fix the cortex being stuck in game mode. game light blinking rapidly

Did you try turning it off and back on again?

4 times and nothing different happened

Are you connected to a comp switch?

To me this sounds like a connection problem compared to a game problem. Can you try connecting the CORTEX to the Controller via the USB A to A cable? If this doesn’t work what about switching VEXNet keys if you have any spares or another team willing to let you borrow them. If neither of these problems work, connect your CORTEX to your computer with the USB A to A cable and reinstall the firmware. I believe one of these would solve your problem but if not I can think of more solutions that may fix the problem.
EDIT//: If you are using ROBOTC to program your robot, there should be a button next to the motors and sensors setup that’s labeled “Firmware Download.” Try clicking that with your robot connected with the USB A to A cable.

@[TVA]Connor you forgot about wrapping the controller in aluminum foil

i already did connect everything and did what i could in terms of connection. still locked in game mode. someone suggested i try restoring the cortex firmware using download in robotc