Cortex supplies while waiting for V5 upgrade

Hi all, We are still waiting for the V5 upgrade. My class grew and I am in need of 9 USB to USB cords and 9 extra 7.2 V rechargeable battery packs for the cortex system. I am wondering if any of you who got the upgrade have any extra stuff they would be will to send our way? Our budget is frozen, so I am not able to purchase. VEX suggested I post and just ask. Let me know if you can help at all. Many thanks. Or if you have a clever work around idea.

where are you located?

DM me

Truckee, California!

I can check my inventory tonight to see if we still have Cortex items.

Thanks team, I really only need the battery packs and the USB to USB cables. 9 of each is most helpful. Many thanks to all of you.

Hi lacsap,

Thanks! I was the robotics coach at our school. I now just teach a robotics unit in PLTW. I can send you a robotics T_shirt from our team. We would be honored to send it your way. I can put you in contact with our robotics team as well.

I am still using the old cortex brains that say VEXnet and VEX EDR on them. If we are talking the same setup, thanks so much. Happy to take some of your supplies. Our budget got frozen last week. I am teaching right now and I have 28 in my class and only enough power for 8 cortexes. I have plenty of stuff, just need the batteries. I see you are still using the usb cables (no worries, we can continue to share).

Thanks so much! We have the VEXnet and it says VEX EDR on the cortex. It is used to teach robotics in PLTW. Thanks so much for any help.

Hi Lacsap!

I am not to familiar with the format here, I believe I sent you our address. Is this the Direct Message? I looked for your email address and could not see it. I am wondering if you have sent the batteries yet?

If I did not get our address to you it is : [Removed personal information]

I can not express how grateful my students and I are for this gift from you and your team. Many thanks. And I can send you a robotics t-shirt from our school! :smiley:

You shouldn’t post personal info like the address on the forums

We have a bunch of old cortex stuff, but I am not sure if the batteries still charge, as they have not been used for several years. I will check them and get back to you

Hey, @jburrill, unfortunately that wasn’t a DM.
If you haven’t already, click on @lacsap’s name here, and click the button in the top right of the window labeled “Message”

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I don’t think jburrill has permissions to send PMs yet. They don’t seem to have the Basic/TL1 badge

That said, I don’t know if VEX Forum has trust levels set up differently - forgive me if I’m mistaken!