Cortex trainer


I am very familiar with RobotC and Legos NXT’s. I will be starting a high school class this fall that will use VEX EDR with RobotC. Because of startup costs, I will not have as many computers or robots as I want to or will have in the future.

My question to all of you who use the Cortex Trainer videos is, do you present the videos to your whole class, do you have the students work thru the videos on their own (assuming you have enough computers) or a combination of both techniques? The recommendation from VEX is to have one pair of students per computer and robot. We are not able to do this at this time.


I would have the kids learn each by themselves or in groups. Have them discuss what they learned from each video and maybe tell them to write an example using what they have learned from the video.

Sorry, same goes for the robot, groups/partnerships.

Also, let them pick there partners because (most likely) they will work better together. If not separate them and switch.