Cortex Trouble Shooting Help

I have two Micro Controllers that I cannot get to work. I have tried everything from, downloading all the latest firmware, master reset, and even taking apart. Does anyone have a recommendation to assist me in trouble shooting the Controllers to get them up and running?

Can you explain more by them not working? What about them isn’t working? Did you bind the cortex and the controller?

What lights are showing on the cortex and the controller. Are you loading both the base firmware and the default driver program? Did you also reload the controller code too?

Do you mind posting the code you are using for the Cortex? I think this is likely a code problem as the problem is happening to 2 Cortexes (assuming that you download your code afterwards every reset/update)

@MathGodHelmich or @jpearman do you mind changing the channel to VRC Technical Support?


I ended up getting both Cortex’s to function. It turns out three motor ports 1,9, and 10 do not work. Is there anything I can do to get them back working again. I have a total of 30 Cortex’s at my school. I would say at least 10 of them have at least one motor port that doesn’t function. Any ideas?
Thanks, Shane

I got both Cortex’s to work.

There seems to be a problem with a few motor ports not responding. Ports 1,9, and 10 do not function while the other ports do. I have about 30 Cortex’s at my school and this issue occurs frequently. Any ideas to fix this? Thanks, Shane

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If they are not working, you are going to need to send them in for repair, there isn’t really anything common with those ports not working. I’d call VEX to see how much that’s going to be. With the recent spate of VEX Cortex to V5 conversions, you may find gently used Cortext units at a lower price. Good luck!

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