Cortex UART Questions


I’m integrating a third-party sensor to the Cortex via UART and have a few basic questions.

First, what is the actual buffer size for the UART reading and writing? Looking at API.h it appears to be “64” (RX/TX_QUEUE_SIZE). Is that correct? Is it bits or bytes?

Second, what does the usMode argument on OpenSerialPortEx() do? Am I supposed to close and re-open the port to switch between directions of communication? Is it used as bit flags so I can set both RX and TX simultaneously?

Lastly, With respect to RegisterRepeatingTimer(). What is the behavior my function doesn’t exit before the next interval. For example, if ulTime is set to 1 (1 ms) but my function runs longer, will the controller re-call my function so that it has the potential for more than one active thread, or does it only resume calling on the specified interval if the function is NOT still processing the prior call?

Regards, and thank you.

Hi SLIBorg,

Thanks for taking the time to visit our forum.
The documents found here provide the complete information regarding the UART port and the STM32 firmware library.

Good luck on your project.


Thank you! This is exactly what I hoped you would be able to provide. :smiley: