Cortex unit

Our advisor recently purchased 2 new cortex units. Besides these cortex units we have one new cortex unit. This cortex unit has never been touched, and it was found inside a classroom lab kit we have. This classroom lab kit has been with us since March 2011 unopened.

My question is if there is a difference between this cortex unit and the one we have recently ordered?
The one in the box has the hump, which I assume that the new one will have.

Is there any benefits to use one over the other. (More easier to stall motors on one unit over the other, increased connectivity, mechanical improvements, etc.)

I know it may sound silly, but if you had to choose between the new cortex unit from March 2011 and the new cortex unit that will arrive shortly, which one would you rather pick?

There are different revisions of cortex hardware, you may remember the issues of using the IME’s with hardware rev NC1 and earlier we had at the beginning of the year. I doub’t there is any difference between a unit from March 2011 and this year, look at the back and see of the hardware revs match. The latest I’ve seen is A3.

Even if it is a later version, manufacturers change hardware rev sometimes without improving a product, perhaps a component had become obsolete and a functional equivalent used. Sometimes older hardware is actually better, for example, the original Playstation3 had hardware to do a PS2 emulation that was removed from later units. I have used both rev A3 and NC1 cortex hardware and have never noticed a practical difference.