cortex viability

how long do yall think cortex/v4 be a viable option in the upcoming years/games?

the sooner you have v5 the better. next year will probably be the last that cortex bots will be a competitive thing.

To be honest I think it’s already inviable. To fight a 4 motor v5 drive in speed and pushing power you need like 8 motors on your drive with cortex and that leaves only 4 for subsystems, which eliminates the entire advantage of the cortex’s versatility. And you could go a 6 motor drive with cortex, but then you lose a lot of speed and power on your drive, which is invaluable in this years game.
However, I do think cortex is still viable for skills, just because you don’t have to have so much pushing power to survive. And that’s not to say that a cortex bot can’t be effective, I just think it’s max isn’t the same as a V5 bot.

I can’t quite recall where this was stated, but they said they would be supporting the Cortex system in competition for a few years to come (2-3) before V5 became mandatory.
As for competition power, you’re missing out on a bit. Stronger motors with more capabilities, stronger battery, and now you’ve got 2 more LCD screens to work with. To be honest its more of a challenge to how you are able to use these new capabilities to their new powers.

But what you’re really, truly, missing out on is the new Bump Switch for V5. Clean, powerful, and more dynamic than ever, and still compatible with the old Cortex. This is clearly the reason to switch to V5.

With the pic to cortex transition I think it was sack attack where we had the last pic robots.

So we have about 2 more seasons after turning point

I’d say it depends on the robots and the drivers. A really good cortex bot can hold its own against a decent v5 bot. But the cortex system is going to be phased out in the next couple years.

I bet that we will most certainly have V4 next season. As to if we will have V4 the season after more or less depends on how well items get shipped out. I have heard many rumors(such as staff replacement, storage management, etc.) as to why VEX is taking such a long time to get V5 out, but I am almost certain the constant need for replacement of broken items is not helping VEX at all. Seeing teams with the V4 system still, even after they ordered V5 25+ weeks ago is definitely a sign as to how much VEX is being backed up.

I’m using Cortex this year (at least for the time being) because I got my V5 after I had built and designed a lot of my robot with Cortex. And the problems with White Screens, etc. aren’t helping their case. I expect to do okay this year, but next season, after I get to play with V5 a bit more, I’ll definitely be switching over.

We are running cortex this year as we couldn’t afford it. So far at our matches, we haven’t seen a clear advantage on V5 that would make us jump. I’ve seen many matches where a good driver with a cortex out drive a V5. This may become more aware at states or at US open, but for now, at local competitions, it isn’t a clear advantage.

Sure, the higher power motors would be nice, but at a match last week we heard others talking about broken ports and broken motors again. For my dollar, I’m going to be an advocate of keeping the cortex as long as we can, and hopefully the issues will get cleared up.