Cortex vs. V5

Vex edr vs V5 any thoughts about coding diffs, physical attributes and overall differences.

vex edr is the competition, I think you mean cortex. But v5 is def. more powerful and being able to crimp your own wires is nice. Also, for coding, c++ allows a lot more organization, especially when writing an API.

V5 - Powerful, 8 motor limit. A lot bulkier than v4
V4 - 1/2 as powerful, 12 motor limit. Lighter batteries and cortex

V5 - Can be taken to both extremes (easy - Vex coding studio. More difficult - PROS
V4 - pretty simple once you get used to it, but is always really annoying to deal with.

V5 is definitely a lot better looking and is more powerful which is a major plus.

VCS has autofill while typing. Useful, but can get annoying at times.

This is far too vague to be able to compare directly between the Cortex system and V5.

If you’re comparing, say, PROS for Cortex and PROS C for V5, or MATLAB/Simulink for both platforms, you’ll probably find the overall experience to be strikingly similar, short of necessary API changes.

On the other hand, if you’re comparing EasyC to any V5 programming environment, you should expect to have to essentially relearn everything short of the basic underlying logic to switch to V5.

So please be more specific so you can get better answers.

  • Do you have experience with programming for the Cortex? If so, what environment(s) did you use and how experienced are you?
  • Is there a specific V5 programming environment you had in mind? If so, which one?

VRC (VEX Robotics Competition) is the competition program. “EDR” is the metal-based robotics platform from VEX, which uses the Cortex controller or the V5 Brain (or the PIC-based V.5 controller, not to be confused with the new V5 controller.)


And if you are going to be competing, it may be a moot point as the Cortex will likely be retired after this coming season, so learning V5 is the way to go. (Unless this is your last year and all you have is the Cortex)