Cortex wire clips

Does anyone know if you can buy new clips that hold the pwm cables into the Cortex? I see these but those are different than the ones that originally come with the Cortex.

No, you cannot buy the clips that ship with the Cortex. We recommend you use the ones you linked in your original post ( – these work very well for wire retention.

Thanks for the quick answer

I also lost my original clips, and have found that…

  1. if you ziptie the wires to the side of the cortex (where you bolt the cortex on) very close and tight, they will not move,

  2. if you ziptie them to a 1 wide bar or a 5 wide plate, you can keep them organized and secure.

  •  This has a disadvantage of excessive weight and size.

I have also considered putting the cortex in a lexan cage, but…

  •  This has a disadvantage of space, weight and difficulty of accessing the wires during the competition.