Cost of starting a team?

I’ve been thinking about trying to get a team started with a few friends, and was wondering about the typical cost of starting a team (registration + sufficient parts + anything else i’m missing.) The only thing I’m sure of at the moment is the $100’s to officially start it.


Most estimates are $2000+ for a standard bot

Okay, thanks.

We are in the process of starting a team and we have priced it at ~2000

Here is a list of vex parts excluding tools and such

Alright, I think you need to do a little bit more digging. Remember, you don’t really need all of the contents of those starting kits. Look at the really basic kits too, like programming starter kit I think its called.

$1500 can build a competition robot… Just

Take a look at these two (a bit old now but still in the ballpark).

My advice would be to not buy one of the big kits but start with a Clawbot ($500) and then add necessary extra parts, Aluminum, motors, gears, sensors, etc. The Clawbot will give you the VEXnet system bundle (cortex, controller, VEXnet keys), 4 motors, battery, charger and is good value for the money. Although the super kit is also good value it contains parts you may not need.

So that leaves $500 for competition fees and registration. If you have success I’m sure more money will be found.

Thanks for the more specific look.

I’ll definitely consider that if I can get it going off the ground, thank you.

Thank you, that is really something to look into


1500-2500 should do you.
Just remember not to buy any bundles/ superkits, with the exception of the clawbot. You get too many parts you wont use, too much steel, and sensors you might not need.

You can also save money by buying screws in bulk from anyone who supplies 2 inch or less 8-32 screws- Home-depot, Ace, almost any major hardware/ department store will carry them.

Something to keep in mind as an additional cost is tools: saws, screwdrivers, files etc.

But really the most important piece of advice is to not buy in bundle. It might look like a deal, but you won’t use or find a use for quite a few of the parts.

Zoro, Bolt Depot, McMaster-Carr, and Fastenal are all good places to buy bolts and nuts in bulk. Local hardware stores are generally more expensive.

If ur going to use a Dremel to cut metal, its around $100 for the Dremel, and, if ur like me, you will need at least $150 for more Blades. (They Break easily)

You can get a Dremel significantly cheaper than this. Also, on amazon, $150 would by you over 1,200 Dremel cutting disks. They do break easily, but they are not that bad.

Which Dremel, and what kind of blades?

We use…

Yes, it’s the “cheap” stuff. But we have been using this for 5 years of VEX. Sometimes we buy the reinforced cutting heads, but they cost ALOT, and students are so careless that they just break them when they set the dremel down. It isn’t worth the extra money to just have them broken.

Doesn’t need to be Dremel brand.

A slightly better one might be a good idea though. For $30-50 you can probably get a good one that is more than good enough for what a VEX team would use it for.

While you can get away with under 2000, the extra headroom will be MUCH easier to work with.
You can also buy from older VEX team who need to get rid of old parts

Don’t forget the $850 entry fee to the world’s!
But seriously, by the time you have built a few prorotypes, replaced a dozen motors, and so on, I suggest $3500 is more realistic, but worth much more than 10x that in fun and learning for high-school engineers.
Good luck … make it happen!

And by the way … do not waste your money on any power tools other than a good battery operared drill and bits. A nice-to-have is a sanding machine.

For hand tools the Vex toolkit, plus a hacksaw with 32t blades, vice, hammer, left- and right-handed tin snips, long-nose pliars, #1 philips screw driver, square, selection of files plus a good organizer and a toolbox.