Cost of Starting a VEX Team

How much will it cost to start a VEX Team? Say like estimating the amount of money that will spend on competition fees, registration fee, mechanical parts to build two robots, and other consumables.

Honestly it depends on how “competitive” you want to be, how much aluminum, pneumatics, or other specialty components do you want to have access to?

You have some fixed expenses and some variable ones. I assume you mean for Vex Competition and not classroom or any other ones.

I had heard about $5k for a 2 team set up. That’s way cheaper than FRC! But let’s just start a running total… One field and more robots makes your per team cost look lower.

Vex Registration fee of robot #1…$75
Vex Registration fee of robot #2…$25
Robot cost (pretty cool robot, some
sensors and aluminum too) $1100 * 2 = .$2200
Extra parts you burn through…$1000?
Enough Batteries & Chargers…$250

Tools, cases, laptops, cords, etc …???
Shelves, storage, etc…???

Now you need some place to practice…

Costs of facilities…???

Variable costs based on where you go:
Event registration fees…~$150 per event for 2 robots
(for our area. actual prices may vary)
Worlds fees…$750 per robot
Travel to worlds…on your own!

I’m in the process of starting my 4th team over the last 3 years and each one has run in the $2200 - $2500 range. This includes registration, parts to build a competitive (but not extremely high end) robot, tools, and entry fees for 3-4 competitions.

One of the dads from my team built a quality field perimeter for $90 and I picked up tiles on sale at KMart for $85. I did buy the full field kit this year which was great for practice and autonomous, but is not absolutely necessary.


i quit my school team this season and started on my own. i spend nearly $3000 on parts and field. the mats for the field were from the website as they were a better price than other places i looked. that cost around $200. i did not get a border and i just bought the minimal game elements(included high goal and a few game elements). all the other goals were made from PVC pipes and metal strips. tournanament registration cost me around $150 (also try to go to free tournamnets). i made it to world so that was another $750

in all, should not exceed $4000

Cost depends to some extent on your expectations of performance. To build a robot capable of advancing to elimination matches at the World Championships requires a bigger investment than one that performs “respectably” at local events.

We are a comparatively low-budget team, but the students (and I) are generally satisfied with how the team performs (typically ~ the 70th percentile at local events). We have qualified for Worlds several times and usually rank in the bottom quarter when we do.

Our total inventory of robot parts (collected over 6 years) would probably cost about $2000 to replicate, but about $500 worth is for mechanical parts for a second robot (we often build robots or subsystems in tandem). It would cost $400 for a second electrical system (microcontroller, joystick) for the second robot, and another $200-500 for parts to make the second robot a “good” robot. I think ~$1500/robot is a reasonable estimate for a “decent” robot. In most years, 80 - 90% of the parts are reusable.

Beyond the initial outlay, we usually spend $200-$400/year for registration, tournament fees and replacement parts, depending on the success of our fundraising efforts. We typically serve 5-10 students, at an average cost of $30-50/student each year.

This document has a list of suggested parts and costs. Notably missing from the list of suggested parts is C-channel (both 1 X 2 X 35 and 1 X 5 X 35), which will be added to future versions.

Also, if you decide to cut metal, you will need to buy more in later years. However, I was able to go almost a full year without cutting anything, so it’s possible.

We have mangaed to get a robot to worlds using just classrom kits our school got given by Vex. We also got a free field, because we are one of a very few comprehensive schools competing.

It is worth getting in contact with your local vex representative, to see if you can get any free stuff.

I am in Britiain, so it is a bit different becasue it was the first year of nationals in Britiain.