Could A Pushbot Actually be good?

I’ve been thinking about it and I’m starting to think a pushbot might actually be a smart robot to build for starstruck. Since an object in the far zone has double the value of one in the near zone the pushbot could easily halve the score of it’s opponents (not considering hanging) just by pushing objects to the near zone. On top of that It could push them under the fence as well. When an object goes under the fence It Is a net gain of 2 points for your alliance if its a star and 4 points If it’s a cube. I’ve also noticed poeple talking about dumping bots that dump A large number of objects over in the last few seconds. A pushbot strong enough could get a lot of them to the other side quickly. If this pushbot could also hang that would make it even more awesome! The pushbot I’m talking about isn’t your regular everyday pushbot, this is advanced pushbotting. I’m talking 8 motor drive with 6 3 inch omniwheels at a 3 to one ratio. It’s gotta be fast so it can get between the two sides of the fence quickly. That leaves two motors for a lift mechanism.

I’m curious to know what you guys think of my Idea.

In Skyrise, our B team built a push bot like that and made it all the way to states. This year, a push bot would be even more useful, so I’d say it’s definitely a viable strategy, at least early in the season. I’d recommend trying a tether-push bot for double the pushing capabilities.

You could probably make it to states if you have a decent driver… If there is a lift then that raises your chances and also, you can easily push cubes under the fence with the right tool. If you could do cubes and hang you may even be able to go to worlds… This all depends on how well you build it and how well you can drive it…

My biggest issue with this plan is that there isn’t much of an advantage gained by having a 10 motor pushbot as opposed to a 4 motor pushbot.

What I mean specifically is that it would be better, IMO, to design a catapult/dump robot that also had some pushing ability, rather than solely pushing. If you can do both, you have more versatility and an extra unpredictable edge.

If I was against a solely pushbot, I would simply let you continue “feeding” me stars, and then score those same stars back into my far zone over and over again. Plus, a close viewing of the Singapore finals matches reveals that stars often get clogged along the fence. I don’t know if the pushbot would have enough torque to move that mass, but it would be very difficult without a better way to interact with the stars.

Basically, I think that the pushbot is just too limited in the ways it can score to be effective all by itself; however, a robot that can catapult/dump AND has even a minimal pushing capability will be very successful.

In the season before Skyrise (Forgot Name), 1815G (Known as 1815B today) was first seed JUST by being a pushbot (The matches included 400X(Floyd) and some other bots). What’s so funny is that every time they picked someone, that team declined the invite. Although it could do some serious damage to make first seed, I just don’t think it would be a good idea because there’s about a high chance of being declined for an invite.

I dont think a push bot will be as effective as a dump bot or catapult design, i dont believe a push bot would be able to score in farzone

You’re allowed to push stars in far zone, as long as you don’t touch the other team’s tiles.

I get where your coming from, I have a robot, UK Team, that hangs and picks up stars and cubes into the near zone and sometimes far if a pile up occurs however if our lift breaks from my team other driver (worse, hes new) then we need to go without a lift or hang so we have a strong back to push with, mainly 2 c channels which I think can do the job when needed. if you can trick the other teams by making a huge pile on your side then pushing them all over in the last 20 seconds then hey can reach he far zone and the others can do nothing about it. that works with just a 4 motor Mecanum drive.

I think that pushbots will work decently until we get to higher levels of competition. In Indiana, we have already seen that pushbots are having a hard time competing. 323Y, 6210X, and 7368W, who are all the largest competitors in Indiana thus far, all do not use pushbots. Every tournament where 323Y or 6210X has competed, at least one of them has won the tournament.

As we see more of these robots being built around the country and the world, I think that pushbots will not be able to compete with teams with strong and speedy claws.

323Y is able to move quite fast and can beat out even the quickest pushbots thus far. However, things do change, and it will be interesting to see how things turn out.

@Michael Nutt , do you have any thoughts on what we have seen thus far in Indiana?

I don’t think any pushbot with a three to one gear ratio will be able to push large clumps of stars under the fence at once without tripping ptc’s in the motors. You have very little torque with three to one. Speed motors may work but torque would be necessary to push large clumps under. I don’t think any good pushbot could ever beat a good claw bot either. @dbenderpt 323Y has a new robot this weekend as well, at least they claim so, we’ll just have to see what they’ve come up with. I assume it’s a catapult but I don’t think having a catapult will help them in anything but skills, it’s just too easy for a good fast clawbot to collect stars in the far zone.

My team, though I don’t like it is using a 10 motor pushbot and we got a bid to state. We can push a cube under the fence and a maximum of about 16 stars. RN I am working on a way to push into the far zone using a drawer like mechanism to reach about 30 inches (that is about 76 cm btw) with minimal torque and rotation, making it fast and strong. It pairs really well with teams that throw because we just push and get stars under fast. If you can get a good amount under the fence than you should be good because of how they group together. It’s a nightmare for claws and forks to pick up.

Yes, pushbots are pretty good. If you build one well and get with a dumper bot on your alliance, you’ll go pretty far.