Could anyone post these on the official Q&A?

Our mentor has been out for the last few days, and I don’t have the login for Robot Events. Could someone please ask these questions on the Q&A?

Question 1: R11 Clarifications
R11 states:
"Certain non-VEX screws, nuts, and washers are allowed. Robots may use any commercially
available #4, #6, #8, M3, M3.5, or M4 screw up to 2” (50.8mm) long (nominal), and any commercially
available nut, washer, and/or spacer (up to 2” / 50.8mm long) to fit these screws.

The intent of the rule is to allow teams to purchase their own commodity hardware without introducing additional functionality not found in standard VEX equipment. It is up to inspectors to determine
whether the non-VEX hardware has introduced additional functionality or not."

I have a few questions about this rule:

1.) Based on the wording “to fit these screws” are the spacers only allowed for use on screws? (G3 really covers this, just for verification.)

2.) Would metal spacers introduce additional functionality, and is this always the decision of the inspectors?

3.) I am aware last year it was ruled legal to use M1.6x16mm screws as replacements in motor housing, does that carry on to this year, and in general, do rulings of the GDC carry over into the next season?

Question 2: R9 and Turning Point Flags
R9 states:
“A limited amount of custom plastic is allowed. Robots may use non-shattering plastic from the following list; polycarbonate (Lexan), acetel monopolymer (Delrin), acetal copolymer (Acetron GP), POM (acetal), ABS, PEEK, PET, HDPE, LDPE, Nylon (all grades), Polypropylene, FEP; as cut from a single 12” x 24” sheet up to 0.070” thick.
a. Shattering plastic, such as acrylic, is prohibited.
b. Plastic may be mechanically altered by cutting, drilling, bending etc. It cannot be chemically
treated, melted, or cast. Heating polycarbonate to aid in bending is acceptable.”

Under R5 is states “Using VEX apparel, competition support materials, packaging, or other non-robot products on a VEX Robotics Competition Robot goes against the spirit of this rule and is not permitted.”

1.) Would a VEX Turning Point flag be legal use of custom plastic, assuming it meets all R9 criterion?

2.) Would using multiple pieces, assuming they do could be cut from one 12"x24" piece of legal plastic, be allowed?


To answer a few of your questions. Regarding things like screws, nuts, spacers, it is my understanding that rulings from the GDC do carry over from season to season, unless there is a specific rule in the game manual that supersedes it. Since the ruling on spacers does not rule out metal spacers, they are legal until specifically ruled against.
As for the plastic, it has already been ruled that you may use multiple pieces as long as all of them together could have been cut from a single piece of 12" x 24" piece of legal plastic.
As for the Turning Point Flags, there is a rule against using game or field objects as functional parts of your robot. (not in a position to double check that rule, maybe someone else can do that). The question has been asked on this forum and I think someone was going to ask it on the official Q&A as well.


That is my understanding aswell, however, there is no such rule I could find that states that is the case. There are some particular inspectors in Indiana… (reason I’m asking about screws and plastic sizes again)

I agree, but the problem I see, is that the inspector has power over what does, and what doesn’t add additional functionality, and I don’t want to rebuild our robot at a competition to pass technical inspection.

This is why I want someone to ask.


Hi Jack,

I think you should wait for your mentor to be back and go through the official route for a number of reasons. First, as pointed out by Grant, you want to get quality questions posted by having a peer review within your own organizations. Second, it raises the stature of your organization by showing your analysis to the community at large - on the Q&A authorship is important. Third, the season is just barely started, so there no rush to post a question right away (the time critical factor is not there).

Have a great season!


Update: mentor is back, he can’t post on Q&A because the teams aren’t registered until we figure out how many we have

You can register the first team and then wait for the others. That’s what I do so I can get into the Q&A. There is no price break or deal in doing them all at once.


Kids haven’t paid for registration. I would do that, but it’s not my call