Could foreign teams competing in US?

Hi you guy,
We are a team of VEX(VRC) in China.
We’ve built a great robot which could get a ranking of top 10 in programming skill challenge and also have good performance in alliance competition. But our robot got physically damaged during the flight to Aisa-Pacific Championship.
Now we are seeking an opportunity to get another chance to compete in US. We are quite confidence that we have a great chance to go to the World Championship.
We just wonder if there’s any limitation for a foreign team competing is US.
We really need some help!
THank you very much!


I would suggest asking this question on the World Championship Q&A as you are more likely to get an official ruling from VEX and RECF

I see that you have done this, they are going to give you the official answer but it may take some time.

As far as I have read and know, you could compete here in the U.S. (with your intention being to get a few programming and robot skills runs in so you can qualify in the TOP 30) You could even win the competition, but you could NOT qualify for a State Championship slot to Worlds. Those slots are allocated to the teams that reside in their respective states.

Here in Georgia we would welcome you to compete. We have over 220+ teams in Georgia, and have a tournament every weekend until our State Championship.

One word of advise though “Be sure you VERIFY that the tournament you register for is going to actually HAVE skills” when I say “verify” I mean verify you better “talk” to the director/host of the tournament. We have been to 4 tournaments this year and only 2 of them had skills, although they “advertised” having skills, but didn’t. (we were told to wait till lunch for skills, then our team watched 5 match officals eat pizza during lunch instead of having skills,(got a nice photo of it) then was told sorry we aren’t having skills today:p)URGGG!!:mad::mad: our team spent hours programming the weeks leading up to it and were disappointed to say the least.:frowning:

Good luck and we hope to see you at Worlds!

According what I know, Carrollton 5601 is correct. Signing up for tournaments does not require your nationality, but your team does need to be registered in a certain region to advance to that region’s higher level competitions. (Ex. state championship, Asia Pacific championship which is completely awesome)

Currently I do not see any Chinese teams ranking in top 30 programming or robot skills, so you guys may need to hurry up… Also I wonder what your team number is.

Before you travel overseas, you should talk to your local Event Partner. They can organise an event for teams near you to get together and participate in skills runs for the global rankings. As long as you get 16 teams or more the event can be official, and if you make it into the programming skills top 30 you’ll get a Worlds qualification. This might be a lot easier than travelling to America.