Could i be the only member on a team

i tried to get other students to join or even just participate once to try to join but nobody is joining and i want to be able to participate in tipping point without at team



wait your serious right if so that is amazing

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I think it would be a good idea to bring a friend or two to help out. A lot of times students will catch the robotics competition bug and spread the joy.

You don’t say if MS or HS? or small or large school (100 or 2,000)…


Is there a limit on team size? : Robot Events



You’ll find the hardest part of being a solo team is doing everything.

That sounds obvious, but when you’re trying to make autos and there’s a mechanical issue, now you have to switch mental gears and fix this mechanical issue before you start to code again. This will happen while driving, programming and building. There will be an issue in another area, and you’ll need to switch mental gears to fix it. With multiple people on a team, it’s much easier to stay in your lane and have everyone working on their thing.

There’s a lot of people who do this successfully, just remember to take breaks :slight_smile:

Having people to talk to about your robot is always good, it forces you to rubber ducky your design. There’s good discussion that happens here, and there’s other communities for discussing robots too.


im in a hs of about 3000
i have been telling everyone to try it out or to join since the beginning of the (school)year

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Surely there’s got to be other nerds who are interested in robotics than just you!
(No offense)


if you seen my school everyone is always coming to me to do their homework(which i make them pay me) and this is how im investing in this robotics


i mean if i could find people on hear that want to start a team i would so do it even if i have to travel

I was a sponsor of a single person team. You will be doing the work of 4 other people, but if you are up to it, go for it !


thxs for the support and help i will start programming and building asap and gotta get some cold pizza and redbull (being serious here not trying to make a joke)


Definition of not “teamwork” in professional life (ideal case!)

I’ll be the old person and give some unasked for advice, don’t try to compensate for a lack of hours in the day with Redbull. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t pull some Mountain Dew fueled late nights before a tournament back when I competed, but drinking a lot of that stuff is real bad for you, and if you drink enough you just build up a tolerance anyway so it stops working when you need it.


ik this i already limit myself to this btw my robots done


I’m gonna toss this out here as a general rule of thumb.

One person = one hour of robot build per hour
Two people = one and one half hours of robot build per hour
Three people = one and two thirds hours of robot build per hour
Four people = two hours of robot build per hour.

Apply these observed metrics to your own builds as needed.


I mean, in short,

can you, sure.
should you, probably not.


I have heard of one man teams finding great success but doing this solo will be like having a second life. I hope you succeed and are able to find more people


A team is defined as one more students competing, so yes you can be the only person on a team.